Designed to personalise your bed and further assist with overcoming everyday issues.

If you don’t see what you need on this page, please ask us to help – as manufacturers, we have great scope to ensure that your bed is perfect for you by designing and making personal accessories and adaptations.

Cot sides

bed side rails

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In some situations, people are at risk of falling from their beds either at night or when their bed is raised when someone is caring for them. Cot sides can help reduce this risk significantly. They can be raised when needed and when not, they can be left in the down position so that they don’t interfere with transfers. Padded fabric covers can be supplied to soften the visual impact if required. It is possible to have cot sides on all bespoke Theraposture beds with the exception of the Rotoflex.

Multi-positional grab handle

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As its name suggests, the multi-positional grab handle has been designed to be flexible with changing needs and varying abilities. The actual handle can be repositioned along the entire length of the head section of your bed, ensuring that it remains in the best place for you. It can also be removed altogether as and when required. There is a choice of 9”, 12” and bespoke heights above the mattress platform. These grab handles are made from solid steel. They can only be used with metal mechanism beds.

Castor/feet options

castor feet

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Castors are available in three different sizes. They each have individual brakes and can in most cases be added retrospectively if needed. The addition of castors will allow you to easily move your Theraposture bed. Alternatively, your bed can be supplied with adjustable feet.

Latching device and central locking system

latching bed halves unlatching bed halves

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Double combination beds can sometimes present a challenge for carers if they need to help someone from both sides of their bed. The latching device, used in conjunction with separable halves and locking castors, can hold the two enclosures together when needed and allows easy separation to ensure that access to both sides of either half can be achieved. There is a choice of either a brass or nickel finish.
Central locking is a cost plus option to consider if your beds need to be separated often, as it makes the process much easier.

Complimentary oak furniture

oak wardrobes and drawers

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We also provide an extensive range of matching solid oak bedroom furniture such as bedside cabinets, chest of drawers and wardrobes. This brochure only contains a few examples from the collection, for details on the complete range please contact Theraposture.

Lifting pole

Lifting pole mechanism

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Repositioning in bed can be very difficult. A lifting pole can be used to offer increased leverage by pulling against the overhead adjustable handle.

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