14 day Suitability Guarantee – Rotoflex

Rotoflex Suitability Guarantee

This guarantee is provided with the purpose of giving 100% confidence to any prospective purchaser (both Private and Professional) of a Theraposture ROTOFLEX (new or refurbished), that the equipment specified by Theraposture will indeed be suitable for the intended user.

This is an assurance regarding the function of the bed only. The Suitability Guarantee does not cover comfort or aesthetic issues or problems

How it works

Following an assessment, once the Rotoflex is delivered and paid for in full, should there be any suitability related reason why the specification isn’t correct and reported to us within 14 days of installation, we will either:

  • Adapt the ROTOFLEX to make it suitable with the agreement of the purchaser. Any addition in specification may incur additional costs. This includes the exchange of mattress to an equivalent value.
  • Collect the ROTOFLEX and refund the full costs less a fee to cover all incurred costs, which include the delivery, collection, cleaning and
    administration. For all Rotoflex beds this will be 10% of the order value. This does not apply to mattress comfort or any other mattress related issue.

For Rotoflex Beds that are delivered and assessed at the same time, there is no retention if the bed is taken away on the day it’s delivered.

FOR RENTAL Rotoflex beds the retention is £700 for a refurbished bed and £900 for a new bed.

Conditions that apply

  • The ROTOFLEX must be ordered within 10 weeks of the assessment date, or the re-assessment if that time has lapsed.
  • The Rotoflex has to be specified by one of Theraposture’s Trusted Assessors or by a Director of Theraposture Ltd.
  • The product has to be paid for in full at the time of the delivery, or must be supplied under official order coverage.
  • If the product is to be remade or refunded, it must be returned to Theraposture in the same condition that it was supplied and complete.
  • If a product is to be remade or modified, a remake agreement must be signed by the client and by Theraposture. Remakes and modifications are not supported by a further suitability guarantee period.
  • Oak surrounds and partner halves will only be supplied after the 14-day period has passed

Our objective

Our objective is to achieve a positive outcome for all involved but with the priority being the person using the equipment. It is in no one’s interest for a client to be left with an unsuitable product. We want you to be able to proceed with your purchase confident that we share the same goals as you do. With Theraposture you can proceed without financial risk of buying a product and being stuck with it, if it is not what you expect it to be.

David Holtum, Managing Director
Theraposture Ltd.

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