Risk free purchasing of adjustable beds and chairs

Many adjustable furniture companies will not provide accurate and clear information about prices with a view to creating an opportunity for a salesman to visit your home. Commonly, such visits by commission based sales professionals are focussed on getting an order for often inappropriate and overpriced products.

There is an alternative way, as practised by Theraposture: Clear upfront pricing with assessment visits if needed by trained Trusted Assessors and a no quibble returns policy even for bespoke items.

Choose Theraposture and avoid:

Salesmen who may not understand your needs

If you choose an unethical supplier, whose sole focus is to sell you a product, you may not receive the best advice and recommendation particularly if they have not received Trusted Assessor training.

Non BHTA approved

Often sales-led companies are not members of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) and therefore do not follow The Trading Standards Institute Code of Practice. This strict code ensures you receive good customer service and a fair deal.

Unqualified assessments

Not all companies have a comprehensive understanding of conditions and daily difficulties so may not be able to correctly prescribe appropriate solutions. Always insist on seeing a ‘Trusted Assessor’ with qualified experience – this will have a huge influence on a successful outcome being achieved.
Additionally, company representatives should be DRB Checked which means their personal background is trustworthy.

Theraposture is a BHTA approved company

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Our Trusted Assessors offer qualified experience

High pressure selling in your home

Unscrupulous direct sales organisations tend to send polished and driven salesmen to your home determined to sell a product irrespective of your needs or preferences.

What you see is not what you get

Visits often include demonstrations of a simple fold-up bed or chair that has no resemblance to what you may end up buying.

Price conditioning

Whilst a salesman is in your home, a common trick is to ‘call their boss’ to reduce an originally inflated price. You will likely be given a false ‘that day only deal’ to pressurise you even further. This is known as ‘Price Conditioning’.

Unclear and misleading pricing

There are many unethical adjustable bed and chair suppliers that intentionally do not disclose accurate prices on the phone, websites or in brochures – this is to entice you into a visit from a commission based sales person.

What is included in ‘Price from’?

If low prices are advertised or disclosed, be wary of ‘prices from’ and ask exactly what is and what isn’t included in the price.

What costs are being hidden?

If a company will not give you a price, ask yourself WHY NOT and what are they hiding? Many aim to get a commission-paid salesman into your home with the view of selling at the highest price possible.

Ambiguous refund or returns policy

Will you get a refund?

Be aware that many unreasonable suppliers will not accept returns if products are deemed ‘bespoke’ or ‘tailor made’. It is always best to read the terms and conditions as often these phrases mean no refund.

Transparent prices

Make sure there is a clear and transparent policy regarding returns and refunds, including bespoke equipment – such as Theraposture’s 14-day Suitability Guarantee which covers all products.

Why put yourself and your money at risk?

Choose a trusted specialist, choose safely, choose Theraposture.

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