Oedema and how Theraposture assistive beds can make your life easier

Oedema is the medical term for fluid retention in the body that causes affected tissue to become swollen.

Commonly Oedema may also result in aches, tender limbs, stiff joints, weight gain and raised blood pressure.

With these issues getting in and out of bed and remaining comfortable when sleeping can be a challenge. However, a Theraposture profiling bed can provide relief from these symptoms through the ability to support the user in a variety of positions.

Theraposture Trusted Assessors regular meet clients during home assessments that have swollen legs due to Oedema. Oedemic legs can benefit from been elevated to a higher position when lying or sitting down using a Theraposture electrically operated bed.

Taking regular exercise, such as walking, swimming or cycling †

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Which beds are suitable for Oedema?

Whether a single bed or a ‘dual’ combination for two people to share is selected, each Theraposture bespoke bed can include a powered mechanism that will independently raise and recline the foot and head ends of a mattress. With the user’s feet positioned in a higher position fluid retention can be eased and discomfort reduced.

Oedema can be the result of health conditions such as heart or kidney failure. Owning a profiling bed can also help in these circumstances as the ability to raise and recline the head and foot ends of the mattress can assist with circulation and respiration. Raised feet when sleeping will improve blood flow back to the heart with the added assistance of reduced pressure on lower limbs.

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