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We receive many enquiries from potential customers living overseas for all products but mostly for Rotoflex Beds.

You will find below the answers to the most commonly asked questions, and all the information you will need if you are considering purchasing from Theraposture when you live outside the UK.

Customer experiences

The Azores, Mid Atlantic

Azores map
The Azores, Mid Atlantic Ocean

“We bought a Rotoflex bed for my husband as he has Parkinson’s. This bed is fantastic, it has made our lives so much better. My husband has no back pain and getting in and out of bed is an easy affair – with no strain on him, me or his carers.”

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“Theraposture have been amazingly helpful and kind in making sure that all my questions are answered immediately. We live on a remote island in the Atlantic and knowing that Theraposture are there always takes a huge weight off my shoulders.

They behaved impeccably throughout the process of sending the bed to us – it had to arrive first to the mainland and then be sent here. It was expertly guided to us by Theraposture and arrived in perfect condition. They also helped us set it up on the telephone and made sure all was well.

Six months later, we needed a replacement mattress and again, they were impeccable. Theraposture sent a replacement free of charge, they didn´t even charge for carriage!

A few days ago, I emailed questions to Theraposture about our bed and again, they answered and gave me the right advice quickly and efficiently. This Rotoflex has changed our lives and I cannot thank Theraposture enough for their patience, kindness and professionalism. I fully recommend this fabulous bed.”

Cristina Rodriguez
Pico Island, Azores, Atlantic Ocean
January 2020

San Angelo, Texas, USA

San Angelo, Texas, USA.
San Angelo, Texas, USA.

“I want to personally thank you for answering my many questions about the Rotoflex 235 and making an international purchase. After two years of researching, we realized this bed would give my husband the most indolence and allow me to sleep during the night. We let go of our home health aides the second day. This bed will pay for itself in a year. “

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“You and your company made the process incredibly easy. The bed arrived in the States in two weeks. I paid the customs fee and the bed was delivered the next day. We had four men here to uncrate it and carry it into the house but two was all we needed. It was simple to my husband and he begin using it that night. I loved the extra motor which means no waiting for replacement parts. We have had no problems and would recommend this bed and your company to anyone.”

Thanks again,
Jennifer Calverley
San Angelo, Texas, USA.
March 2020


Q. Can we buy products if we live outside the UK?

A: We have successfully sold and currently support many products to many customers who live overseas, across the globe. Mostly these are Rotoflex beds and Leg Lifters.

Q. Can we see the products before we buy?

A. We have many detailed videos on our website showing the products in detail and our experienced team of advisors are here to talk to you to help you select the correct product which best meets your needs. This is exactly how we work with many of our UK based customers.

Q. What if I buy the product and it is not suitable for me?

A. This is extremely unlikely because of the great care that we take in making sure that we have recommended the right product for you. However, we understand that because you want to know exactly where you stand, we guarantee that if you tell us that you wish to return this within 2 weeks of the products arrival in your country, we will give you a full refund minus 10% retention on the product value (but not the outward shipping cost) when it is returned to us, at your cost, in the original crate in the brand new condition that it was despatched. We help you organise this and call you at our cost.

Q. How do I know what the full costs are going to be?

A. When our specialist product advisors have discussed your requirements in detail with you, we will give you a full written quote in pounds sterling. We can also give you an accurate estimate of the cost in your local currency on that date. This will include everything, including the freight cost and the cost of the specialist wooden packing case and the export packing.

Q. What warranty or guarantee comes with the product?

A. The product comes with a parts exchange warranty for 3 years and obviously we keep parts for many years to support a product for its whole life. When we ship a product we include some additional spare parts such as motors and a hand control just in case.

Should you have a problem, which we would reiterate is very rare, we would help you in detail with one to one conversations with one of our technicians, which can include live Skype or What’s App pictures and video feeds to assist. We never charge for discussions like this whether the product is in or out of warranty. If spares are required we will ship at our cost if it is within the warranty period. We have always managed to resolve any issues like this, using UK based technicians. If we cannot for any reason, then we could involve a local equipment specialist to help or as a last resort send a technician (at your cost) to assist, wherever in the world you live.

Q. How are the goods shipped?

A. We take care of the transportation for you as with our experience, we can avoid potential customs charges. Beds are sent by Air freight (or by road if in Europe), with the onward destination journey from your nearest commercial hub airport by truck, often with a tail lift (access permitting). All orders are safely packed in quality export shipping crates which meet your country’s import and environmental regulations.

As with the product we will give you a fully detailed quote for the shipping. To help us do that, we would need to know the full delivery address. This will be for a door to door service.

Often we find there is a substantial saving to be made if you personally arrange the customs clearance and transport from the airport locally. Also if you are using a locally organised transport company you are much more in control of the journey of the product from the airport to its final destination.

Q. How are the products shipped to my home?

A. For most destinations, the shipping agent that we organise for you, will arrange for the collection, shipping, and transfers (after customs clearance) to the destination address. (See above for more detail, and the possible savings and benefits of arranging the shipping from the airport to your home locally) We will give you all of the information that you need to know to get the product from the delivery vehicle into your property.

When your bed arrives it will be ready assembled and can be used straight away. Most consignments are delivered KERBSIDE and it is your responsibility to get the product into the property. We recommend that you have help to get the bed into your house. They are heavy but manageable.

Q. Are there any additional costs that I need to consider?

A. There will be banking or card transaction charges (mostly about 1 to 1.5% of the transaction value) and it is worthwhile checking to see which is the most cost effective method of payment. There is always a cost for arranging customs clearance, but in general this is very reasonable and not significant.

Charges for these vary and we recommend you contact your local office or agent for information. For some destinations (such as Arab States) additional documentation will be required for customs clearance. We can arrange to get these documents for you but there is a small additional cost of £100. These costs would be clearly identified on any freight quotation.

Q. What about the power supply?

A. This is not a problem. Most countries use 230v and some use 110v (including the USA and Canada). All products have an on board transformer which reduces that power to 24 volts for the safe operation of the product. So if your power is not 230v we supply an inverter to plug into your supply, which converts your supply up to 230v so the supply to the transformer is then correct and the transformer can do its job.

Q. How do we pay?

A. It is very easy. You can pay using a credit card securely over the phone via WorldPay, or by making a bank transfer directly into our Barclays Bank Account. Details for this account, including the international codes are here:

Acc. Name Theraposture Ltd
Acc. Number 10864358
Sort code 20-05-06
Barclays, Milsom Street, Bath

IBAN:  GB46 BARC 2005 0610 8643 58

Our invoices are in GBP Sterling – we can help you with converting exchange rates at the time of quoting, but these do fluctuate daily so the rate that you actually pay our GBP sterling invoice at will be that quoted at the time you make the payment.

A 50% deposit is needed at the time of placing the order and the remaining 50% MUST be paid before the goods are collected from our factory. We will not ship until this is done. Once this is in our account your product will be sent on its journey to you.

Q. What happens once I have paid my 50% deposit?

A. We will email you with an official order confirmation and give you confirmation that your payment has been received and that your order has been accepted. For those paying by WorldPay, an automated receipt of payment will be sent. Our Export Manager will keep you informed regarding the progress of your order. (See FAQ below for time scales)

Q. What do you do if something happens and I need to cancel my order?

A. We completely understand that sometimes things go wrong or that a customer’s needs may change quickly. Mostly in this situation the product is still here and we would return the deposit in full less any transaction charges. However if we are just about ready to ship and have incurred real costs we would make an administration charge of £250 and recover the cost of the specialist packaging and packing if already completed.

We never try to profit from this, we just want to cover incurred costs, which we hope that you agree is fair. The freight costs will not incur any sort of charge as they only apply once the product is collected. Once the product has been collected from our premises costs will increase, and there comes a point at which we cannot stop the shipping, and then we will still refund, but you are in the position of a person in FAQ 3.

Q. How long will it be until you can ship my product?

A. Lead times are dependent on which product is being ordered. Some of our products may be in stock at the time the order is placed and be able to be shipped within a couple of weeks. This is often the case with a Rotoflex Bed. Other bespoke products can take approximately 4-5 weeks from the date of order. We will let you know the current lead times at the time of quoting, and you will receive an estimated date of despatch when you receive your official order confirmation.

Q. I am interested in buying a product from you. What do I do now?

A. Please give us a call – we are friendly and knowledgeable and ready to help. We will spend as much time as you need to, talking about your particular situation and taking care in making a correct and considered recommendation based on our experience and understanding. We are open, honest and completely trustworthy. Call us on +44(0)1373 823030


You can email us using the export contact form below – we will then call you back at our cost, at a time that suits you. There are some very important questions about the person who will be using the equipment that we would like you to answer before we call you. Once we have this information, we can discuss possible options and go through a suitable specification with you. Pricing can then be confirmed, and we can arrange for a quote for the shipping to your home. To do this we will need the full delivery address.

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The Rotoflex is a proven solution to getting you in and out of bed on your own terms. Many clients around the world have maintained their independence by using a Rotoflex bed from Theraposture.

Contact us now and take control of your future.

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