Mascot Mk2 Cot

Fully Modular Adjustable System Cot from Theraposture

Part of the extensive cot range from Theraposture, the Mascot is more than just a cot bed. It is a hand built, individually specified sleeping solution that delivers safety, great looks and affordability without compromising quality. Also for the first time in the UK, full modular flexibility is provided by the Mascot which allows the specification to change when needs or users change without the need for a new cot.

Mascot Mk2 brochure

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Mascot cot brochure

The Mascot from Theraposture

  • The ONLY fully modular cot bed system in the world.
  • Modular design enables the Mascot to change when needs change.
  • Easy to reconfigure and re-issue making it the ideal choice for equipment services.
  • This can be a cot for life as it can change when needs change, saving a great deal of money and inconvenience.

Height adjustment & Profiling

  • Height Adjustment, Trendelenburg and Anti Trendelenburg as standard and meets BSEN60601-2-52 safe working height.
  • The whole Mascot rises to maintain the full cot side height even when fully raised.
  • Optional profiling (KR3) available if needed.
  • Height of the sides can be increased / decreased easily if needed (except 98cm and 120cm).
  • Low access entry height of just 20cm plus mattress, rising to 80cm plus mattress.


  • Available in 3 sizes: 140cm x 90cm, 170cm x 90cm, 200cm x 90cm plus bespoke sizes are available.
  • Door height options of 60cm, 80cm, 90cm, 98cm and 120cm (120cm high doors are supplied with full length locking bars).

Features & options

  • Choice of 4 door (one side) or 8 door (both sides) access. Mascots can be converted retrospectively if needed – no other modular bed can!
  • Full range of padding options including clear soft windows and feed tube holes.
  • Optional internal divider making a Mascot more size appropriate and longer lasting for younger infant users.
  • Interchangeable choice of Rails or Perspex inserts – can be initially individually specified and can be changed later.
  • Hand crafted by Kayserbetten – German precision engineering.
  • Strong and reliable German motors.
  • Beech hardwood with safe non-toxic protective coating that meets DIN 71 part3 (wooden products used by children).
  • Can be safely cleaned by using chemicals and meets DIN 68861,1B.

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Two choices in function

Mascot with KR1

Variable height only with Anti-Trendelenburg / Trendelenburgcots adjustable height position 1

Mascot with KR3

Variable height and profiling with Anti-Trendelenburg / Trendelenburgcots adjustable height position 2

Meets BSEN 60601-2-52 safe working height

Two easily interchangeable access options

Mascot cot 8 door view8 door opening

Mascot cot 4 door view4 door opening

Mascot cot with padding
With the new internal divider system, the Mascot Mk2 provides a more size-appropriate space for very young children. It also creates a storage area until such time that the divider system can be removed, when more space is needed as a child grows. Just one product could potentially be used throughout all stages of a child’s development, hence a ‘whole life solution.

High quality and durable padding for maximum safety

Finger poking a transparent plastic windows

1. Our SOFT clear windows are vitally important to allow visual access to and from the cot. Because they are soft, they become part of the padding and therefore the padding itself is not compromised in any way.

Our windows are double ‘glazed’ with a pocket of air providing the cushioning and the clear material is soft and perfectly transparent.

Windows make a massive difference to a cot that requires padding as without them, the cot may appear enclosed. Equally, anything less than soft windows will present a potential for injury, or can restrict visual access.

Soft toys on bed

2. When we pad a cot bed, we cut the mattress to ensure a snug fit with no gaps. This is an important safety consideration as gaps should be avoided completely if practically possible.

The material that we use is mostly Panvelle or vinyl which is soft to the touch yet non-permeable, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. It can either be attached with Velcro or bolts for extra security and reinforced/anti-tear fabrics are also available.

There is a massive choice of colours, patterns and child-friendly prints allowing the Mascot Mk2 to be personalised.

purple padding around wood frame

3. The Mascot Mk2 can be padded however you so desire. The height of the padding doesn’t have to be full height or on all internal surfaces. If the padding is full height, we can also pad up and over the top edge (except where the sliding locking is), as often this area of the cot may cause an injury if a loss of balance occurs.

Our assessment process identifies the needs, wants and risks of each situation. The recommendation that we make takes all of these considerations into account.

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