Lotte Cots

The only cot specially designed to help parents and carers in wheelchairs

When lifted this considered design has extra space underneath so wheelchair users can position themselves closer to the cot. It can be operated with one hand and Lotte’s locking mechanisms are easily accessible.

When positioned at its lowest point this cot is designed to allow children to access their bed on their own terms when age appropriate, again helping the parent or carer in a wheelchair. It is the size of a standard child’s cot and can be converted to a standard bed if needs change.

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Lotte cot - big elephant

Benefits of the Lotte cot

  • Large size for a long period of use – inner dimension 140 x 70 cm.
  • With a floor clearance of 75cm, it’s is the ideal crib for physically disabled parents, who sit in a wheelchair or care for their newborn themselves.
  • Adjustable height electrically. Using an electric motor, the height of the sleeping platform is adjusted precisely to the required nursing height of 101 cm by simply pressing a button. This is also gentle on the back if providing care while standing.
  • The locked doors can be easily opened and closed with one hand.
  • As the sleeping platform can be lowered to 41 cm (upper edge of the mattress), the child can learn how to get in and out of bed and improve their motor skills, which promotes self-confidence.
  • The door height of 65 cm protects the child from falling out or climbing over the bed at night.

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Lotte cot height & door variations

wooden cot

Lotte child care cot –  140/70 – lowered

cot with height adjustable legs

Lotte child care cot –  140/70 – Access height

Cot with high legs

Lotte child care cot –  140/70 – Fully raised

Cot base with holes

Lotte child care cot –  Base with holes

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