Hannah cots

The most appropriate robust sleeping solution for more active or larger children

Specifically designed for children with restless motor activity. This is a large safe cot to prevent children from harming themselves.

For children who get out of the bed in an uncontrolled manner, it is necessary to have special beds with high rails.

Each bespoke design can be made with a variety of side and door heights and offers a safe space without feeling enclosed.

With its child-friendly appearance, the Hannah is not only a place to sleep but also a play area. Its colorful design improves the child‘s visual perception and stimulates the imagination.

It is perfectly suited for safety padding which can incorporate double skinned soft windows so there is visual access for both users and carers.

Hannah offers large sleeping platforms. It can be fitted with range of functions and movement. Hoisting children and adults in and out of bed is very simple.

 from £3095


  • Available in four door heights 70, 98, 135, 170 cm.
  • Three bed sizes: 90/170 cm, 90/200 cm and 100/200 cm (Hannah 170 only 90/200 cm and 100/200 cm).

Reasons to buy a Hannah

  • Wide variety of fixed, variable height flat or profiling sleeping platforms.
  • Specialist door fittings prevent the doors from being opened from the inside.
  • Locking bars are included as standard.
  • Thanks to generous interior of 100/200 cm can also be used as a play area during the day.
  • Sweat and saliva-resistant wood treatment according to safety regulation DIN 71-3 (same regulation for children’s toys).
  • Patient weight capacity of up to 150 kg.
  • Functional accessories possible – such as completely/partially padded interior or complete/partial plexiglass cover for round rods.
  • Particularly stable construction, affording great sturdiness, safety and durability.
  • Custom-made units to meet the specific requirements of the patient are possible.

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Hannah adjustable cot

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Technical specs & accessories

Sleeping Platforms

Cot and bed sleeping platforms

Cot and bed sleeping platforms


Antidecubitus mattress KM2
Foam mattress KM3*
Leatherette mattress, firmly sewn KM4
Soft foam mattress KM5
Cold foam mattress KM7
Incontinence cover
Therapy mat


Plastic castors   7,5 cm
Plastic castors 10,0 cm
Plastic castors 13,5 cm
Plastic castors 16,0 cm
Climb-over protection – wooden rods as of model Hannah 135
Climb-over protection – nylon net as of model Hannah 135

Plexiglas on the rails
Underbed drawer (without height adjustment)
Rod for hanging toys
Hose routing bed posts

Technical Data

Door height Hannah 70

(no external door locking )
Hannah 98
Hannah 135
Hannah 170

70 cm

98 cm
135 cm
170 cm

Inner / Outer dimension

Outside dimensions of
door locking bar

170 x   90 / 185 x 101 cm
200 x   90 / 215 x 101 cm
200 x 100 / 215 x 111 cm
185 x 106,5 cm
215 x 106,5 cm
215 x 116,5 cm
Overall height

(plus corner and door caps 7 cm)

Hannah 70
Hannah 98
Hannah 135
Hannah 170
119 cm
147 cm
184 cm
220 cm
Platform height
upper edge of mattress
min. 55 cm
max. 95 cm

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