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The Rotoflex® Range

A trusted and proven powered solution to get you in and out of bed safely - helping you remain independent at home for longer

The Rotoflex helps individuals with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS

The Rotoflex® concept

The Rotoflex is an electrically operated adjustable bed that also provides powered rotational assistance to get you in and out independently.

This rotating bed is the original and proven rotating bed system. Uniquely, this sophisticated adjustable bed has been developed over a period of 20 years. It allows people living with restricted mobility to access a bed independently and safely without the assistance of a carer.

One button to move from sitting to lying

Getting legs into bed is a problem for many people – the Rotoflex offers the solution. At the touch of one button, the Rotoflex will move you from an upright seated to a lying position and vice versa. The precision German mechanisms are smooth, quiet and strong so the transfer experience is pleasant and relaxing, you are always in total control.

New for 2016! Low access Rotoflex and Super-bariatric Rotoflex for weights 300kg Safe Working Load

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A bed specifically for you

Theraposture offers the widest choice in rotating beds so that a variety of individual needs can be met. As either a single bed or part of a double bed (dual combination), every Rotoflex is available in a variety of surrounds that will aesthetically suit your home.

The original Rotoflex 200 for one person is available in four different widths, or as part of a double combination for couples to share

Flexible Rotation and Height Settings

Your Rotoflex can be set up to rotate to a specific side so that it can be compatible with a variety of room situations. In addition to the powered rotation, it can also independently lift the head and foot ends of the mattress and offers variable height for easier standing transfers – this also aids carers by raising the bed to a safe working height. This bed truly delivers independence as it is a real alternative to carer assistance or hoisting. In this situation the bed can pay for itself many times over as the cost of care at home or in a residential setting is so high.

Each Rotocare and Rotoflex bed is supplied with –

  • High quality memory foam mattress
  • Two side rail handles
  • Two sets of fitted sheets with a sewn in pillow case
  • A battery backup for up to four separate devices
  • Choice of warranty options up to 5 years (conditional on service schedule)

Your personal assessment

When deciding which Rotoflex is the most suitable for you, one of our qualified Trusted Assessors will guide you through a product assessment. During this professional process you can actually try the Rotoflex bed and therefore be sure that it will meet all of your needs and expectations.* If you require a double combination, your partner can also then decide whether to have any profiling or variable height functionality on their side of the bed.

Satisfaction guarantee

Following purchase, peace of mind is assured through Theraposture’s 14-day Suitability Guarantee which provides time to assess suitability without the worry of being left with a bed that isn’t suitable for you.



The Rotoflex is available for rental or as part of the Options Scheme. There are also refurbished ones available - please contact us for further details

The Rotoflex buy back scheme

If you purchase a new Rotoflex and for whatever reason it ceases to be of use to the purchaser, then we will supply you with a guaranteed price to buy it back from you. Find out more about our Rotoflex Single Bed Buy Back Guarantee.

Please Contact us for up to date details on Rotoflex Double Bed Buy Back..

Refurbished Rotoflex

We recognise that as a very bespoke specialist piece of equipment, the Rotoflex is beyond some people’s budget. As a result, the Rotoflex is the only piece of equipment that we sell that we will buy back and refurbish. We then sell these Refurbished Rotoflex for more than £2,000 less than the price of a new one, with a full year’s parts and labour guarantee. You can also purchase a service agreement which will see your refurbished Rotoflex serviced at 12 and 24 months and the full parts and labour warranty extended to a full three years.

Rotoflex Mattresses

Theraposture offers a wide selection of specialist mattresses for the Rotoflex Bed range. These are available when you purchase a new bed or can be upgraded retrospectively should your needs change.

"My Theraposture Rotoflex bed has been so fantastic, it has changed my life. I can move from a seated to lying position with the aid of the rotating and profiling action of my bed which is superb – I could not live independently at home without it."

Ernie Burton, London, Rotoflex owner

Rotoflex's sleeping solution typically saves you up to £27,500 a year in care costs**

** Based on average cost of 2 carers visiting twice a day

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