The Importance of Appropriate Seating

Be independent, be comfortable.

If you are struggling to sit comfortably in your armchair at home we can help.

You may also  or want greater independence to stand and sit safely without the assistance of a relative, carer or friend – this is where one of our tailor-made adjustable chairs can change your life.

With a chair designed specifically for your individual size and needs, we can ensure you remain appropriately supported when sitting or moving in and out of a chair. You can also enjoy sitting or reclining for extended periods of time without the inconvenience of regular readjustment.

This information is supported by the findings of trained Occupational Therapists. Theraposture works closely with healthcare professionals to ensure personal needs are always met.

Stand and sit easier

Our chairs help you sit, stand and relax safely. When transferring from a seated to a standing position, your power-adjusted chair will support and assist you to make your movement easier and safer.

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We provide a wide selection of different actions that can be built into your own chair. This means you can have a range of electrically operated functions that ideally suits your needs – sit, stand or recline on your own terms.

Improve your posture

Owning an adjustable chair that has been designed especially for you is so important. All of its dimensions need to match your personal body size and shape so perfect posture is maintained.

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If the backrest is not supportive, sacral sitting can happen which results in curvature of the spine forwards, known as Kyphosis. Whilst if your seat is too wide, Scoliosis or curvature of the spine may also occur. These are serious issues and can be further complicated by pelvic rotation, that can develop from continual adjustment of your seated position if the chair is uncomfortable.

With a balanced posture, you can sit for longer periods happily and avoid additional pain, medical issues or becoming bed bound.

Better circulation & rested legs

Owning a profiling chair with the correct seat height is essential for maintaining healthy blood flow and reducing pressure.

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If the distance between the floor and the top surface of your seat is too high or low, you can experience numbness and develop other problems. Having the ability to raise the foot rest up is a major advantage when aiming to prevent or manage swollen legs (oedema).

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