How do I choose my perfect assistive chair?

Choosing your perfect adjustable chair from Theraposture is easy. As a leading specialist that has handcrafted rise and recliners since 1981, Theraposture can create tailor-made designs that suit all your individual needs.

Whether you prefer a made-to-measure chair or a standard model that is available quicker through Theraposture Direct, you can rest assured it will deliver unsurpassed comfort, reliability and style. Every Theraposture chair is supplied with a no-quibble, 14 day suitability guarantee for peace of mind and a personalised assessment is always completed by a qualified Theraposture representative.

Before you talk to us

Before you talk to one of Theraposture’s adjustable chairs specialists, why not read this useful information below which will give you some guidance on the perfect rise and recliner for you. It is important that the electrically operated chair you choose matches you in terms of leg, arm, height and body size for maximum comfort and perfect posture. This is why the tailor-made service Theraposture provides is so essential.

When considering a rise and recliner, ask yourself:

  • Do I need extra support when sitting?
  • Do I sit in the same chair for long periods?
  • Do I find it difficult to sit down or get up?

If the answer is yes, then you would benefit from a owning a rise and recliner.

There are a variety of electrically operated actions to choose from, however this type of chair will smoothly raise you up when moving to a standing position and gently support you as you sit down. When in a seated position, you can again operate a simple hand controller to move to a reclined position or back to a raised position in a controller manner.

Having the ability to adjust your seated position regularly provides greater comfort and reduces the risk of pressure sores or issues relating to poor circulation. Raising your legs is also invaluable for many conditions and simply for having a nap! This powered movement also minimises the risk of muscle strain when getting into or out of a chair whilst ensuring stability and assisting with safety.

Theraposture provide a complete range of pressure relieving fillings for personalised cushions and every adjustable chair has in-built safety features.

Choosing your ideal chair

To begin considering the right one for you, follow these three simple steps:

Rise and recliner chairs are available with a wide range of different powered functions, styles and fabric. With Theraposture you can have any style of chair with any mechanism and in any fabric – the choice is yours!

Choose the mechanism

Chairs can be made with a variety of movements and the options are:

2-way Tilt-in-Space : This riser recliner chair has a single motor action that maintains the angle between the seat and the back when reclined. Tilt-in-Space movement is particularly useful for those with hip, back and delicate skin conditions as the angle between the back and the seat never changes.

3-way Traditional Recliner: This is probably the chair that most people think of as a traditional riser recliner chair. It has single motor operation where the angle between the back and the seat increases as the chair is reclined.

Dual Motor: This mechanism allows the leg rest and the back to be operated independently of each other, achieving an infinite number of sitting and reclined positions. This allows the user to sit upright with their legs fully elevated to a horizontal position, or to be fully reclined, or indeed any where in between these positions.

Dual Motor Tilt-in-Space : This action reclines in the same way as a Tilt-in-Space chair, which is particularly useful for those with hip, back and delicate skin conditions. In addition, an infinite combination of leg and backrest positions can be achieved.

Why choose Theraposture for an adjustable chair?

Specifically made-to-measure by this leading specialist, Theraposture rise and recliners deliver exceptionally high levels of comfort, quality and style – all meticulously finished by skilled craftsmen. They are all supplied with mechanisms, motors and electrical components that have a five-year warranty as standard for complete peace of mind.

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A Theraposture two-way chair offers a Tilt-in-Space action, a three-way chair has a traditional reclining action, and a dual motor chair allows independent adjustment of the back and leg rest.

It is absolutely essential that an adjustable chair be ergonomically designed as an ill-fitting chair can lead to health issues. Whether the intended user’s frame is small, tall, large or wide, Theraposture can specify, design, handcraft and install the perfect adjustable chair for all users. Irrespective of being prescribed by an Occupational Therapist, selected by a dealer or chosen by an end-user, any combination of mechanism, style or type of armrest can be combined within a Theraposture adjustable chair. There is an extensive choice of fabrics that include waterproof materials along with pressure management options, which range from memory foam to cool gel. Back styling variations include a choice of waterfall, two cushion or buttoned designs. The internal mechanisms are engineered with high quality components giving powerful, yet whisper-quiet smooth movement, whilst the hand controllers deliver easy-to-understand and responsive action.


Each adjustable chair is completely safe and following recommendations highlighted in a personalised Theraposture assessment, additional electrically operated safety devices can be fitted if required.

Suitability Guarantee

Theraposture regards after-sales support as a major priority and is committed to ensuring independence and dignity remains for the individual. Hence every Theraposture adjustable chair also comes with a seven day Suitability Guarantee which provides 100% confidence to all prospective owners and clients so they are assured of the perfect solution every time.

Home assessment

By working with Theraposture a free of charge home assessment service is included with a product demonstration. This is a vital part of our process in determining the best solution for the intended user. Our highly experienced Trusted Assessors working with a Healthcare Professional will help to identify and understand the needs, wants and risks for each user.  This process results in an assessment report that determines the correct prescription and provides a useful record and justification for the recommended cot bed.

Working with our Trusted Assessors

By working with our Assessor, we will take full responsibility for what is made and supplied. We will provide a suitability guarantee in every situation, including bespoke products, to ensure that should any issues arise within the first week of use, Theraposture will either make changes, remake the product to a different specification (to an equivalent value) or will refund the cost of the product in full if preferred.  Our goal is to achieve positive outcomes for all of our equipment users.  Our detailed assessment procedure ensures that we get things right first time.

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