Chair Bed

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The Chair Bed is a unique adaptation of the Two Motor Riser Recliner Chair and allows for independent adjustment of the leg rest and backrest.

The Chair Bed offers a powered adjustable chair that supports the user when sitting, helps them stand up and reclines completely flat so it can be used as a bed.  The leg and backrest can be adjusted independently into a huge range of positions so comfort at night is assured.

They have been designed for users who are unable to sleep in a bed.

In normal circumstances, we would not recommend anyone sleeping in a chair but for those who can’t sleep in a bed and are faced with sleeping in a chair, the Chair Bed is definitely a viable option.

Why sleep in the Chair Bed rather than a Riser Recliner?

It will recline to a flat position just as a bed. This is unique to the Theraposture Chair Bed.

The Chair Bed is a unique adaptation of the dual motor rise and recliner and allows for independent adjustment of the leg rest and backrest. It has been designed for users who are unable to sleep in a bed. The Rotoflex is the ultimate and most sophisticated solution for getting in and out of bed, however the Chair Bed is a popular alternative. In most circumstances, Theraposture would not recommend anyone sleeps in a chair but for those who can’t access a bed, the Chair Bed is a viable option.

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Large sleeping surface

The arms drop down to contribute to the sleeping surface and there are no wings on the back meaning that the user can move freely on the sleeping surface just as they would on a bed. It is possible to specify a chair bed that is up to 38” wide – wider than a single bed.

Maximum mattress comfort

Each Chair Bed is supplied with a removable topper that is filled with memory foam. This offers pressure relieving properties and adds to comfort. The topper effectively creates an uninterrupted flat sleeping surface that covers the gaps between the back and seat and leg rest and seat. It can be removed should it need to be cleaned and is often supplied in a waterproof stretchable fabric.

Made to measure

All Chair Beds are made to measure following an assessment. As a result of this, we offer a week-long suitability guarantee ensuring the product’s suitability for the user.

Easy standing transfers

All Chair Beds have a riser function that assists with standing transfers. This product is a solution where getting in and out of bed is no longer possible or becoming very difficult and sleeping in a chair is the only available option. (Please look at the Rotoflex page to see if this product can assist)

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Peace of mind

We provide a free of charge assessment of your needs, wishes and risks in your own home, with absolutely no obligation to purchase.

To give you peace of mind, we are members of the BHTA and conform to their Office of Fair Trading approved Code of Practice, which includes standards of behaviour and ethical guidelines for member staff operating in client’s homes.

All chairs have a 3-year warranty on all actuators and electronics other than the hand control. Hand controls upholstery and mechanisms have a 2-year warranty.

Extensive range of options

The Chair Bed can be upholstered in a range of fabrics.  To see and to read about our anti-entrapment system and battery back up options.

Hand control

The Chair Bed with Riser Recliner action has 4 buttons allowing you to move the backrest forwards or backwards and the leg rest up or down. Once the leg rest is all of the way down, the chair will then rise to help you achieve a standing transfer. Our hand controls are the best you can get.

We believe that cutting corners to save a few pounds can result in reliability issues.

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