With integrated, solid sides that fold down when required, the Theraposture Safe-T bed now provides a new alternative to either traditional care cots/beds, with traditional drop down side rails or cot sides.

The Safe-T Bed is ideal for children who require higher lateral protection than provided by traditional style beds with drop down side rails, but do not require a higher-sided care cot solution with doors.


Raised sides deliver safety for young users who move significantly when in bed so that falls are avoided whilst providing peace of mind for parents. The raised sides of the Theraposture Safe-T Bed provide greater stability, stronger locking mechanisms and vastly increased safety when compared to traditional integrated or add-on metal side rails. These new bed sides also do not require such high levels modification to mask potential entrapment points on what would otherwise be beds designed for adults. The solid sides of the Safe-T Bed have no gaps at all.


The Safe-T Bed sides are handcrafted from solid Beech wood and shatterproof Perspex so it is possible to fit substantial padding, similar to a cot bed. This padding can have clear soft windows therefore making two-way visual access, both possible and safe and essential for a child not to feel enclosed and for parental monitoring. The sides are 55cm high making them taller than adjustable side rails. When they are folded down, the mattress is flush with the side of the bed, which can be knelt on safely by a carer, unlike a bed with drop down sides. This significantly improves moving and handling practices and ultimately increases dignity and care for the user.


The new Safe-T Bed from Theraposture is available in two sizes each with two, fold-down 55cm sides. Electric operation can either include variable height and mattress profiling or solely variable height. Its height adjustment allows the mattress surface to be positioned between 30 to 80cm above floor level, hence conforming to BSEN 60601-2-52. This means a safe working height is provided for carers and parents so that potential back injury and muscle strain is minimised when attending to a child?s needs.

Theraposture Safe-T Bed provides alternative options to traditional care cots and beds.

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The new Safe-T Bed

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