The impressive new Super-bariatric Rotoflex, delivers powered rotational assistance into and out of bed for users weighing up to 250kg.

Users of all shapes and sizes can live at home with the ability to get in and out of bed independently without the need to relocate or incur expensive carer costs.

Safe working load

The Rotoflex 250 has a safe working load (SWL)* of 250kg and is a heavy duty version of the Rotoflex 200 bed. With its additional strength and power it can comfortably accommodate a person weighing up to 200kg (31 stones).

Heavy duty mattress

Heavy duty, high quality, durable rotational bed is supplied with a memory foam mattress that is 4cm thicker than the standard product. The seat depth is deeper, there is an extra motor in the foot section to support heavy legs and these motors are supported by a gas strut.

Fabric and surrounds

The Rotoflex 250 can be supplied either with a wooden beech veneer surround or with an upholstered enclosure so their design will match your decor at home.


For additional safety, both of these Rotoflex beds come with adjustable side rails and a battery backup system.

Easy to use hand controls

Fabric close upAvailable in upholstered fabrics

Rotoflex 250 – for users weighing up to 200kg

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Rotation, profiling and height adjustable

rotation profiling height adjustable

  • Strong, safe and smooth powered profiling, rotation and variable height
  • A variety of bed sizes
  • Full compliance with British Standard BSEN60601-2-52 regarding safe working heights and entrapment risks
  • Bespoke designs with a variety of aesthetically pleasing finishes
  • Two sets of fitted sheets that remain in position during powered profiling

Available sizes: • 100 x 220cm • 110 x 220cm • 120 x 220cm (Beds can be made longer or shorter)

* SWL includes the user, mattress and sleeping platform

The Rotoflex helps individuals with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS

When deciding which Rotoflex is the most suitable for you, one of our qualified Trusted Assessors will guide you through a product assessment.

During this professional process you can actually try the Rotoflex bed and therefore be sure that it will meet all of your needs and expectations.

If you require a double combination, your partner can also then decide whether to have any profiling or variable height functionality on their side of the bed.

Following purchase, peace of mind is assured through Theraposture’s 14-day Suitability Guarantee which provides time to assess suitability without the worry of being left with a bed that isn’t suitable for you.

How the Rotoflex works

How the Rotoflex helps with MS

Case Studies

Mike Wardle sitting in his Rotoflex

Mike Wardle, East Sussex, Rotoflex owner

Theraposture Rotoflex rotational bed delivers independence, greater comfort and assured safety to injured ex-Police Officer Mike.

My Rotoflex is the start to my day. It is the start of my independence, without it I would be lost.

More Rotoflex Options

woman sitting on chair bed

Rotoflex Chair Bed

A clever and cost effective Rotoflex that can be used as a chair and a bed

Rotoflex 200 turning bed

Rotocare 175 & Rotocare Low 175

A manual turning bed system with powered profiling and variable height

Rotoflex 175 Low

Ideal for smaller users and those requiring a lower seat height

Rotoflex 200

For one person or part of a  Double Combination for two people

Rotoflex 250

Rotoflex 250

Heavy duty – for users weighing up to 200kg

Rotoflex 300

Rotoflex 300

Heavy duty – for users weighing  up to 250kg

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