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A world’s first from Theraposture

The Rotoflex is the ONLY rotating bed that can be supplied with an electrically rising foot / heel support to provide full support of the entire elevated leg.

Previously all rotating beds had to include a static mattress section between the rotational sleeping surface and the footboard – to ensure the arc of the turning mattress and legs did not clash with the footboard. Not anymore with the introduction of this pioneering option from Theraposture.

The only solution with an optional rising heel section

new Rotoflex 200 mk2

• Electronic powered rising foot/heel section now available on the Rotoflex 200 Mk2 bespoke and Rotoflex 300 beds.

• Advanced German engineering elevates users’ legs and feet with full support.

• Absolutely vital for individuals who need to raise their legs in bed.

• A unique feature to solve a common problem for people with oedema (swollen legs), pressure care and circulation issues.

• Eliminates the need for additional loose supports such as pillows and cushions.

• Can be retrofitted to all compatible Rotoflex beds produced from 2009 onwards, excluding the Low 175 and Community Rotoflex.

When two carers are replaced, the Rotoflex is proven to save over £27,000 per year in care costs and pays for itself in less than 14 weeks.*

* Based on typical County Council care costs

Heel support lowered

Heel support raised

Optional rising heel section demonstration

icons showing movement of height adjustable rotating bed

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