The upholstered double combination bed is one of our most popular choices. Available in a vast range of fabrics, sizes and style, the Theraposture upholstered bed for two people allows partners to continue sharing a bed even if mobility needs vary.

It includes two separate mattresses and mechanisms that are connected together forming a double bed. This means you can enjoy independent adjustment of your sleeping position without disturbing your partner. Profiling, variable height or profiling and variable height functionality is available or either or both sides of the bed.

Combined with our quality and specialist mattresses you and your partner can enjoy personalised comfort and support.

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If you choose profiling, you can electrically raise or lower the head and foot end of the mattress. Variable height means you can lift the complete sleeping platform for easier sitting, side transfers or providing personal care. The advantage of choosing an upholstered bed for two people is that you can still separate both sides by using the Theraposture locking device. If you choose smooth glide castors you can move each side of the double bed independently for floor cleaning or access to both sides of the bed.

Every bed includes precision German mechanisms that are quiet, reliable and offer smooth movement – operated by simple to understand hand controllers. We offer a range of accessories so access and comfort is maximised and peace of mind is assured throughout our 14-day Suitability Guarantee.

Profiling Only

Variable height and profiling

Rotoflex turning system

Rotoflex turning system

Dual combination controls

Easy to use hand controls

We can tailor to your exact needs for one person or for couples to share

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Fabric finishes

For those who prefer to have a fabric divan style surround to their bed, there is a choice of:

  • Belgian Damask
  • Faux leather
  • Ultra leather
  • Waterproof Panvelle
  • Or any other fabric that you like

Oak beds for individuals

Theraposture’s stylish solid oak beds look at home in your home.

They also help overcome everyday difficulties through their functionality and provide you with the opportunity to remain independent in your own home without the sacrifice of intrusive adaptation.

Beds for individuals can be any size and can have any function to help with everyday positioning and transfer difficulties. (See our technical data for function and size options).


Profiling only

The profiling only action will allow you to independently raise and lower both the back rest and the leg section by simply pushing a button on the hand controller. This mechanism is often the choice of partners in a double combination bed as it allows both individuals to sit up independently together. The metal construction makes this mechanism more durable for long term use and the only choice if grab handles or side rails are needed.

Variable height and profiling

Variable height and profiling bedIn addition to the profiling only mechanism the variable height function is of significant benefit to less able people in a number of ways. If a carer or family member assists a person in bed, the variable height function will smoothly and safely raise the occupant to a safe working height, thereby reducing the risk of a back care injury.

Additionally, this function will help a person to achieve a standing transfer by vertically raising them to standing from sitting in a controlled and safe movement.

These strong steel mechanisms are exclusive to Theraposture. Many of our beds are used by clients with long term conditions and we developed these mechanisms, in consultation with our clients to last a very long time. The steel makes the mechanism very strong and the actuators and other electrics used are of the highest grade. These beds are made for the higher usage that many of our clients demand.

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Upholstered adjustable bed for two people
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