NEW – Optional Rotoflex Rising Heel Support

A world’s first from Theraposture

The Rotoflex is the ONLY rotating bed that can be supplied with an electrically rising foot/heel support to provide full support of the entire elevated leg.

Rotoflex heel support

Rotoflex 200 Mk2

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woman sitting on chair bed

Rotoflex Chair Bed

from £6450

Low rotating rotoflex bed with white mattress

Rotoflex Low 175 

from £8650 new / £6650 refurb.

Rotoflex 200 – from

£8950 new / £6950 refurb.

Rotoflex 250

Rotoflex 250

from £9750

Rotoflex 300

Rotoflex 300

from £9750

Rotocare turning bed


from £6450

Woman comforting man in bed

Oak adjustable bed
for one person

from £2925 + mattress

double combination bed with adjustable height

Oak adjustable bed for
two people

from £9995 new / £7995 refurb.

Leg lifter woman on bed

Leg lifter

from £1495

chair bed - woman sleeping

Chair Bed

from £2460 made to measure

Tilting chair

2-way tilt-in-space

from £1410 made to measure

salesman with lady sitting in yellow upholstered chair

3-way traditional recliner

from £1320 made to measure

lady laying on a beige reclining chair

Dual motor

from £1525 made to measure

Dual motor tilt-in-space

from £1775 made to measure

chair bed - woman sleeping

Chair bed

from £2460 made to measure

Pushable home chair in lime

Mobile chair

from £1500 made to measure

Mascot Mk2 cot

from £3500

wooden cots

Timmy cot

from £2275

wooden high sided cots

Hannah cot

from £2,870

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