New for 2018 Rotoflex Mk2

The new patented, optional height adjustable foot section on the Rotoflex 200 Mk2 allows users to elevate their legs with full support.

Rotating bed with separate foot section
  • The FIRST AND ONLY rotating bed to include height adjustable heel support
  • Help clients reduce the effects of oedema and improve pressure care and circulation
  • Can be included in all new Rotoflex beds or retro-fitted to existing beds
  • Proven ergonomic and safe design refined over 20 years
  • Precision German engineering and a choice of stylish surrounds
  • Safer transfers with vertical seat lift – will not tip users forward like some copies
  • Patented stable lifting frame will not tip over

woman sitting on chair bed

Rotoflex Chair Bed

from £6450

Low rotating rotoflex bed with white mattress

Rotoflex Low 175 

from £8650 new / £6650 refurb.

Rotoflex 200 – from

£8950 new / £6950 refurb.

Rotoflex 250

Rotoflex 250

from £9750

Rotoflex 300

Rotoflex 300

from £9750

Rotocare turning bed


from £6450

Woman comforting man in bed

Oak adjustable bed for one person

from £2925 + mattress

double combination bed with adjustable height

Oak adjustable bed for two people

from £9995 new / £7995 refurb.

Leg lifter woman on bed

Leg lifter

from £1495

chair bed - woman sleeping

Chair Bed

from £2460 made to measure

Tilting chair

2-way tilt-in-space

from £1410 made to measure

salesman with lady sitting in yellow upholstered chair

3-way traditional recliner

from £1320 made to measure

lady laying on a beige reclining chair

Dual motor

from £1525 made to measure

Dual motor tilt-in-space

from £1775 made to measure

chair bed - woman sleeping

Chair bed

from £2460 made to measure

Pushable home chair in lime

Mobile chair

from £1500 made to measure

Mascot Mk2 cot

from £3500

wooden cots

Timmy cot

from £2275

wooden high sided cots

Hannah cot

from £2,870

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